Employee Turnover: Why Good Performers Leave

Employee Turnover

If your best employees leave you, then this article may help you get star players stay longer in your organization. Here, our point is “Employee Turnover”. First of all, what is it?

Employee Turnover is the measurement of the number of employees leaving an organization.

There are two types of Employee Turnover:

Voluntary Turnover: When an employee chooses actively to leave an organization. It happens in the case of better opportunity, disengagement or conflict in the workplace.

Involuntary turnover: When an employer chooses to fire an employee in case of poor performance, toxic behavior, uninformed leaves or any other reason.

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Employee Turnover Reason:

Why good employees become bad performers and leave the organization? Here are the top 5 reasons why they quit. And how can you keep your star players.

1.Feeling Demotivated

Demotivating the employees and not valuing their performance is the fastest way to lose them. Your employees are the greatest assets of your company. It depends on the leader how he/she makes them feel about their performance or work.

The employees who feel that they are valued and that are inspired from what their job is, are more likely to stay than those who are paid more. Yes! that’s true.

A good way to make them feel valued and motivated is a good salary, a raise and/or bonus. It may help making good employees stay longer.

2.No Clear Path

The good employees not only want a nice job, they want a bright career. If they are not finding a it in your organization, they are more likely to look around for better opportunity.

Keeping employees in the same position for years makes them feel under valued and demotivated. And this is a major cause they leave your company.

Companies should offer them a clear possible career path from early stages. Informing them about best opportunities and guiding those who are worth it to move along that path.


Frequent impossible deadlines and time limits are another surefire way to get your employees leaving.

When an employee is ordered to handle the work of 3-4 people with impossible deadlines, there is 80% chance, he will look around for better opportunity.

Basically, over-working process leads employees to un-achievable tasks and due to this, they become unable to fulfill the given tasks. Because they can’t handle.

Employers should have their managers go through the leadership training program. It’s all about work smart, not hard.

4.Hiring & Promoting Wrong People

It has become a rule in every organization where wrong people are being hired and promoted. Well,Smart and hard working people want to work with like-minded professionals. But when the bosses hire unprofessional people and even promote them, it’s a massive insult.

Companies that are hiring wrong people should take a look at their managers and introduce them to some training programs.

5.Lack of Respect

Good employees leave/quit due to several reasons but the one reason that creates the more turnover is……….Respect.

If an employee doesn’t get respect by the manager or coworkers, he’ll probably be frustrated and demotivated. Respect means how they treated by manager or coworkers and which type of assignments and projects they receive to work on.

If people say they left a job because they didn’t get enough salary, it simply means that the organization didn’t respect their work and performance.

Remember: people don’t leave a good job without any reason, and the reason is usually based upon the lack of respect from someone within organization and how that lack of respect is handled. Again…….it’s all about respect.


If you want to make your best employees stay longer, you will have to make them want to work for you.

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