Road To Financial Freedom via Self-Education

financial freedom
financial freedom

If you are living your life with financial crisis, then there is a need to self-educate ourselves. Because our education system is programmed to teach us how to work for someone to earn money. There is no definition of financial freedom. Due to this system, people are living the life like a slave instead of having money work for them.

Schooling System: A Block for Financial Freedom

We are programmed to train our mind to get good grades in school then
college and then get admission in a high level university to get a “Good Job” and work for someone to cover our expenses and financial requirements.

But this is not the solution to financial freedom, instead it is a trap where all of us are ruining ourselves by working 50-60 hours a week in a job that almost all of us don’t like. That is due to the fear of losing control over financial requirements, the job has become a compulsion for all of us that is limiting us to take risk and educate ourselves enough to step towards financial freedom. But people are fearful to take risks due to their poor mindset created by our schooling system that always taught us to get a job and work for money. School is not built for Entrepreneurship, it is creating workers.

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Steps to Financial Freedom


So, why are we ruining our life working 50 hours a week having the fear of getting fired or losing our job due to a small mistake? Why are we not taking a step towards financial freedom?

Read the stories of great entrepreneurs who changed the world. They all did this with their minds. Remember, our mind is the most powerful tool that is gifted by Allah (SWT) and it is programmed to work the way we train it.

How can we train our mind to achieve financial freedom? The only way to get there is to self-educate ourselves. And Books are one of the best teachers in the world. Reading books has always been the best source to enhance knowledge and improve ourselves. But people don’t like to read books because they get bored. That is due to the habits they adopted since their childhood. Here, i recommend you all to focus on improving yourself. And that will not be done by watching motivational videos on YouTube or reading inspirational posts on Instagram or Facebook but by reading books. It’s my personal experience.


Well, the 1st book i recommend to all of you is “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. This book will change the way you think about money. He has explained the journey of his life from 9-year old kid to the present multi-millionaire men with a net worth of $84 Million. This book includes six major lessons:

  • The Importance of Financial Literacy
  • The Rich Don’t Work for Money
  • Minding Your Own Business
  • Taxes & Corporations
  • The Rich Invent Money
  • Rich Work to Learn, Not for Money

Benefits of Reading this Book

In this book, you will learn the most important and necessary lessons that our schools don’t teach us. These lessons are compulsory for everyone to learn, because these are the fundamentals that we need to build financial intelligence.

One of my favorite quote from this book is:

“Everyday with every dollar in your hand decides your future. If you simply spend it, you decide to be poor. If you pay for your liabilities (Expensive Clothes, Watches, Car or House etc.), you decide to be middle class. (this is the scenario of almost all of us) And if you invest it to build your assets, you decide to be rich.”

The more successful you are with a career, the less freedom you will have. And the more successful you are in building your assets, the more freedom you will have.


This article is the least possible summary of the situation in which all of us have been trapped and the only way to escape this rat race is to self-educate ourselves. I have put everything that i learnt from this book. But only an article is not enough to increase your Financial IQ, you will have to read some personal finance books yourself with full concentration and this book is a must read. I just want you all to get rid of that boring job that doesn’t make you feel happy so try your best to educate yourself and enjoy the feeling of Financial Freedom. Thank You.

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