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Let’s start with an example of a personal experience. I visited a restaurant few days ago, where two restaurants were competing besides each other. Both of the restaurants were attractive from the outside, both had have nice staff, great cooking sources, clean surfaces and all of the other facilities were awesome.

The one best thing was both restaurants had marketing guys trying to get the most customers.

But the one strange thing was, only one restaurant was getting the most customers and the other had much lesser than the 1st one. The reason behind this was “Marketing Strategies”.

Marketing is the most important thing for businesses. There are many agencies and advertising companies exist who provide Marketing Services for your Business because it is the only thing that get you more customers. It doesn’t matter how good your service or product is if you don’t have customers to buy.

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Let’s get back to our topic, what was the reason behind that restaurant’s high traffic? I noticed 3 reasons why was that restaurant more successful than the other. The reasons are as follow:

Marketing Strategies:

Psychology of Colors

To attract someone or something, colors play the most important role. This is the 1st reason that i found between those restaurants was the 1st restaurant with less customers has a theme color “Yellow” that doesn’t look attractive as compared to any other color. And the 2nd restaurant with more customers has theme color “Red & Black” which is considered as the best ever combination of colors. So, the reason behind 2nd restaurant success is it’s best theme color combination. It’s very minor but important thing that may help you get more business.

Marketing of Services

Services are another important thing that increases your customers and make them loyal. The 2nd reason is that the services of 2nd restaurant were more valuable as compared to the 1st with less customers.
On the front banner of both restaurant, both mentioned the name with large font that is normal but the mistake that 1st restaurant made was they mentioned the contact number of their food delivery staff and wrote:

For Home & Office Delivery:

  • Contact 1: ######
  • Contact 2: ######
  • and Contact 3: #####

And the 2nd mistake was they did not mention any good service e.g. Air Conditioned, Free Wi-Fi etc. That’s why they attracted less customers.

The 2nd restaurant with more customers had a sharper mind. On their front banner, they mentioned their unique menu:

Dishes Available:

  • Dish-1
  • Dish-2
  • Dish-3
  • Dish-4
  • Dish-5
  • Dish-6
  • Dish-7

And another service they mentioned on the front was “Air Conditioned” which attracted more customers. The right use of services can be more profitable for your business.

Quality of Products/Services

The 3rd most important and valuable reason behind success is the Quality. If you provide the best quality, your customers become loyal to you. And that is the strategy that 2nd restaurant is using to be more successful. I’m not saying the 1st restaurant provided poor quality but not the best quality that’s why it attracted less customers. So, if you want to get “Loyal Customer”, then focus on providing the best quality.

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The purpose of this Blog is to provide you the reasons of Failure & Success in Marketing Strategies. It’s an example of my personal experience so if you are running a business then focus on these 3 most important strategies to scale your business. Thank You 🙂


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