7 Benefits from 5AM CLUB on Morning Routine

morning routine benefits

If you want to be among the world-class leaders, then you will have to change your morning routine. And the 7 benefits explained in this article learned from Robin Sharma’s new book “THE 5AM CLUB”.

Robin Sharma is one of the most demanded leadership expert and life coach. He is known for his best-selling “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” book series. He introduced the concept of “5am Club” 20 years ago. But it took him 4 years to accumulate quality knowledge to write this life-changing book.

People are getting inspired by the new concept of 20/20/20 formula. And it is amazingly creating a spirit among readers to rise early.

He also introduced a unique and powerful concept about “The 4 Interior Empires”. Namely:

  • Mindset
  • Healthset
  • Heartset
  • Soulset

He explained it by dividing each interior empire to 25% for a successful life. Most people build their Mindset and think that they have gained a lot of knowledge and still nothing is working. But, only 25% of learning will not drive you towards success. If you have a great mindset but don’t have any of the remaining Interior Empires, then you’ll face difficulties in your life. So, it’s very important to focus on all aspects of the new concept of success.

morning routine benefits

Morning Routine Benefits

1.No Interruptions

The first benefit of getting up early is there is no such thing that will distract you from the focusing on your most important tasks. You will have a great focus on every work you start in the morning.

2.Less Likely to Procrastinate

When you acquire a great focus on anything, as discussed in the preceding paragraph, you surely want to make it happen with a desire. And this is the reason why you don’t like to quit the task you started.

3.Builds Discipline

As you have heard before, all the great people in history, like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and even Robin Sharma, wake up before the sun rises. And this builds a good discipline to work better.

4.Good Time to Exercise

The other best reason to rise early is you have a great time to exercise. It is the part of one of the 4 interior empires that are “Healthset”.

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5.Builds Momentum for Day Ahead

After you implement the instructions of the power hour or 20/20/20 formula, you actually build a Momentum for the day ahead. If you don’t believe it, just give it a try and see the difference.

6.Having More Time for Yourself

This concept of rising early is created for a reason. But people don’t try to find the reasons behind things that inspire lives. Just calculate your day time and see the difference. You will have more time for yourself.

7.Mental Edge Over Other People

Mental Edge or mental toughness is having psychologically more developed and trained that enables you to cope far more better than your opponents. I think we all should take advantage of it.


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