16 Concepts That Should Be Included in School System

school system

The school system is going to be worse than ever in the coming future. We are not updating our syllabus according to the future of technology and innovations. But living in the past 19th century still.

The main cause of the unemployment and lack of opportunities is the mindset that is continuously being developed since our childhood. Unfortunately, this worst system is running in our Schools.

Here, i found the 16 main concepts that should be included in school system to create the nation of future.

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1.What is Entrepreneurship:

It is a process of thinking, planning, creating and running a business that is often a small business in the beginning but scale with time.

2.Entrepreneurship vs Small Business:

The difference between as Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner is: Entrepreneur is not responsible for Day-to-Day Operations that are operated by the employees. While Small Business Owner is responsible for Day-to-Day Operations.

3.Stock Market Basics:

Stock Market is where financial instruments like shares of companies, bonds, mutual funds and derivatives are issued or traded in.

4.What is Financial Literacy:

Financial Literacy is the education of money, personal finance and investing. This topic should be included in school system.

5.What is Financial Freedom:

Financial Freedom means to have enough savings, cash and investments to live the lifestyle you and your family want. And a growing nest egg that will allow us to pursue a career that we want or retire without earning a certain amount of money each month.

6.How to Buy a House:

It means to complete all the requirements to buy a house such as Down Payment, Mortgage, Real Estate Agent, Location, House Hunting, Home Inspection etc.

7.How to Earn Money Renting:

It refers to how to use your house to create a passive income with rentals.

8.Benefits of Early Investing:

The greatest reason to be rich quick is to start investing as early as possible. And this is the mindset we have to create in every school.

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9.How to Buy Shares of Companies:

The steps to buy shares include Find a brokerage firm online or meet face-to-face, decide the price at which you would like to buy. To save the broker fee, you can buy shares directly from companies.

10.What Interest Rates Mean:

Typically a percentage of loan that is charged as an interest from the borrower.

11.How to Write a CV:

The most fundamental part to get a job is to have a CV and students should be able to write their own CV instead of finding someone to have their CV written.

12.What Dividends Are:

The Dividends are an amount of profit made by corporations that is paid annually to the company’s shareholders. Shareholders earn dividends when company makes a profit.

13.What is Affiliate Marketing:

The process of promoting someone’s products or services and earning a small percentage of commission through selling them. Students can do it in part time.

14.How to Sell Products Online:

This step is a fundamental part of a small business. Students should know that they can sell anything online on such big platforms like Amazon, eBay and Daraz.pk (For Pakistan).

15.How to Think With Long Term Mindset:

The term Long Term Mindset is the process of planning for the future success. And we should develop this powerful skill in our students since their childhood.

16.How to Budget:

Determine the reason to have budget, use limits to current spending, add up your all income, set out your financial goals, decide how much to spend and how much to save, etc. should be included in schools.


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